Include a Session with Your Baltimore Baby Photographer in Your Fall Plans

This time of year is always a busy season for families. Between older kids going back to school, adjusting to new routines, and planning for the quickly approaching holidays, it’s easy to forget to capture those precious moments with your new baby. Sometimes it’s amazing how fast the time flies. Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating your baby’s first birthday. It’s important to remember to book a session with your Baltimore baby photographer so that all of those precious moments are recorded.

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Beauty in the Midst of Chaos
Yes, this time of year is crazy. If you have older children, you’re probably relieved school is back in session. With the chaos of making sure they’re ready to go back to school, combined with getting used to a new daytime routine, you can see how having your new baby’s photos taken can fall by the wayside. Now is a great time to take a deep breath, relax, and let a professional photographer create beauty out of the chaos with your new baby as the perfect centerpiece.

The Majesty of Fall
Perhaps you’ve always thought of fall as a time of year when you bring out the winter jackets because the air is so brisk. Frost appears on your lawn in the morning, and your house is cold when you wake up. While that’s true, I like to really take in the beauty of my surroundings during the fall. The leaves on the trees begin to turn to beautiful shades of yellow and orange, and the world is preparing to enter a long, winter slumber. It’s truly majestic when you think about it, and nature creates a lovely backdrop for baby photographs this time of year.

Include the Whole Family
While you’re having pictures taken of your little one, it can be a great idea to include the entire family, if you can round everyone up! When is the last time you had an updated family photograph taken? How about pictures of your older children? Most schools offer photographs each year, however, when you work with me, your Baltimore baby photographer, you’re guaranteed stunning pictures each time. Just think, a photography session can also be great for adorable sibling pictures that you’ll cherish forever.

As your Baltimore baby photographer, I take great pride in my work. Your child is so precious, and it won’t be long before these first few months are far behind you. It might be difficult to think about it now, but in the blink of an eye, you’ll be shuffling this little one off to school as well. They really grow up so fast, and you’ll be so glad that you took the time to capture these whirlwind months with a professional photographer.

I had the pleasure of photographing Cash over the past year for his newborn photography session, and two baby milestone sessions. It’s always such a pleasure to connect with such wonderful families throughout the year. It’s so cute because when the babies come back for their one year milestone session they are just full of smiles and reach for me, as if they remember me from previous sessions. This past July Cash turned one. It’s a little sad to see him graduate from my first year plan. These little guys mean so much to me, and just like their parents would say, it’s a little sad to see them grow up. As my babies grow, so does my business…. so I’m looking forward to seeing Cash back next year for his 2 year milestone!

If you’re ready to make your appointment for this fall, I can’t wait to hear from you! Contact me today!


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