Looking For a Baltimore Baby Photographer? August Is the Perfect Month for Photos

If you’ve recently had a baby, and you’ve been putting off having those newborn photographs done, you’re in luck! August is a great month to schedule a session with a Baltimore baby photographer, and I’m excited for the chance to work with you and your little one. There are quite a few things I love about this time of year that make it perfect for baby photos, however, most of all, I want you to capture these precious moments before too much time goes by and you wish you had.


Water Play
One thing is for sure about the month of August – summer is still here! Because the weather is still just as warm as ever, that makes this time of year great for water play. If your baby is a few months old, or even if he’s still a tiny newborn, we can have some fun with water. Babies are fascinated with water, and their genuine smiles and looks of wonder make the best pictures. Whether we get some great shots of your baby in his little kiddie pool, or we just capture his amazement at your garden hose, you’ll love his water play photographs, and you’ll have these precious keepsakes for years to come. Water play pictures also give us a chance to take pictures outside, which allow for an instantly beautiful, natural background.

Back to School
One thing I hear from busy parents a lot during the summertime is that they don’t have enough time to do the things they need to do. Many of them have older children with an array of summer activities that they need transportation to and from. That can leave a parent feeling frantic on the best of days. Does that sound familiar? The good news is, during August, your older children will be headed back to school. That will leave you with plenty of time to devote to your newborn without having to worry about whether or not your other children are getting enough attention. It also makes this time of year perfect for setting up an appointment with me, your Baltimore baby photographer. Let’s take full advantage of these precious first few days when your older kids are back to school, and get some great pictures of your little one. As you know, it won’t be long and those school year activities will be starting up, so it’s important that we grab some time while we still can!

Can you see why I love this time of year so much? August is such a great month, and I want to encourage you to take full advantage of the beauty of the time you have, as well as the gorgeous Maryland backdrop we get to enjoy. Before you know it, winter will be here, and these warm temperatures will be just a memory.

If you’re ready to make your appointment with me, your Baltimore baby photographer, contact me today!


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