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My Handsome Boy | Maryland Child Photographer

This weekend I came across some of my Project 365 photos. I realized how much my little guy has grown since my project and how long it’s been since I had a session with him. Last night we went out and had a wonderful time making photographs together.

Kendall turns 2 | Maryland Child Photographer


Happy 2nd Birthday Kendall! XO! She is the sweetest little girl. I just loved how she was in her room making sure she looked fabulous for her guests at her birthday party. Here she is taking a peek at her friends who came to celebrate with her. Kendall is going to be a big sister… Read more »

Rainy Day in Bel Air, Maryland


Here’s what we did on this cold rainy day in Bel Air, Maryland. Landon was so excited to sit with his dad to build this car from boxes. I don’t know about you, but we have so many boxes sitting in our garage from all of the Christmas gifts that we had shipped to the… Read more »

The Smile of a Child

Harford County maryland baby photographer

Is it the curls? The smile? Or that sparkle in his eye? This little one just has that look that will let him get away with anything, at least with me. He doesn’t give away his smiles for free though, he makes me work pretty hard to get them. I met Brody a few months… Read more »