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When to Book Your Newborn Photography Session

It is best to schedule your newborn photography session before your seventh month of pregnancy to secure your due date on my calendar. Please keep in mind that I only accept two due dates a week to provide each client with the attention and dedication they deserve, so please be sure to contact me early. Sometimes I do have spots available for last minute inquiries, so please contact me immediately if you just recently had your baby and are just now inquiring about a session.

If I could come to you the day you get home from the hospital, I would. To get those breathtaking newborn poses, it is best to photograph your newborn before the age of two weeks – the sooner the better! Infants tend to sleep more soundly and are less likely to be restless during posing in those first few days of their new life. New babies change every single day, and every day that goes by they become more alert, baby acne can begin, and colic can set in. After your baby arrives it is very important to contact me right away so we can set a firm session date while your baby is under 14 days.

Throughout your baby’s first year it’s amazing how captivating their little life is just by doing something so simple. You will be so anxious to capture every single moment along the way. I offer a newborn and baby combination package that is favored by most clients. It really is a special time that you deserve and never want to forget. Capture it all while the days are so new and never look back with regrets.

You can receive more information by emailing April or visiting the contact page.