A Springtime Session with a Baltimore County Newborn Photographer

Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner. Doesn’t it feel great to know that another cold winter is almost behind us? Pretty soon it’ll be time to dress our little ones in sundresses, shorts and sandals. When you dig out those warmer weather clothes, you might be surprised to see how much your little one has grown in such a short period of time. It’s incredible, isn’t it? They really do grow up fast. Sometimes it feels like you simply blink your eyes and they’re crawling, walking, and scurrying around the house on their own two feet. The coming of spring brings all kinds of opportunities for great photos of your little growing bundle of joy. Whether your baby is a newborn, or he is already a few months old, this is the perfect time to make your appointment for spring photos with me, your Baltimore County newborn photographer.


Brand New Life
In my opinion, the best thing about spring is how everything seems to come back to life after a long winter’s sleep. The trees start getting their leaves back, the flowers start popping up from the ground, and the sun shines brighter, throwing more light on everything it touches. Spring is one of the best seasons for a photographer because it gives way to a renewed sense of pride and compassion in the work I do every day. Your newborn baby is a beautiful depiction of new life, and I want to encapsulate those precious moments – that is what makes springtime pictures even more special. As a Baltimore County newborn photographer, capturing the essence of new life is what I specialize in.

A Touch Of Color
If you’re familiar with my style of photographing babies, you know that less is usually more. I like a simplistic photo that creates an atmosphere where your little one is the star of the show. Babies are so precious they really don’t need all of the fancy accessories and props that many photographers use. I think they take away from the natural beauty of a newborn. However, when I do my springtime photographs, I love adding a simple pop of color. I think it marks the occasion of the arrival of spring, and it also gives the photograph a timeless look. Petite flowers can be the perfect addition to springtime photos: they provide a soft background or add in a simple, colorful touch without taking away from your baby.


I’m excited about the possibility of working with your family this spring to create photographs that you’ll treasure in your heart for years to come. As a Baltimore County newborn photographer, I’m always focused on excellence, and bringing out the natural beauty that lies within your newborn baby. Contact me today to make an appointment for your baby’s next session. We’ll capture these precious moments before they slip away.

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