Baby’s First Christmas Captured by a Maryland Baby Photographer

“I believe it’s not just about a picture hanging on your wall; it’s about an image that moves you and leaves a lasting impression.”

This quote sums up my dreams. What does my dream come true look like? Photographing newborns and their first year milestones, of course, and nothing quite says milestone like baby’s first Christmas. Portraits not only make fabulous holiday gifts, they also stand the test of time; especially that fleeting time when your baby’s a newborn. I understand how precious those moments are.

A Look at the Woman Behind the Camera
What inspired me, a married mother of three, to become a baby photographer? I’ve always had a heart for children, but as a mother myself, I began to realize just how quickly time passes. Before you know it, your children are: smiling, laughing, sitting up, crawling, walking, and talking. It doesn’t take long to look around and wonder where the time has gone.

I don’t want to leave you wondering and searching for time gone by. I want you to be able to hold onto the priceless moments and memories that make up your child’s life; your life. Capturing those moments, the big and the small, is why I became a photographer in the first place.

Photo credit of my family: Gabriel Fredericks

Your Little One; My Lens

My commitment to my craft and to the health and safety of your child comes through in every photograph. I strive to capture your child’s personality and family interactions from the early weeks on.

The sessions may start before your baby even arrives. Some parents and families choose to take portraits from the final stages of the pregnancy onward. You can request an in-home session or set an Annapolis studio appointment. Whatever makes you and your growing family happy and comfortable will lead to natural and unique photographs. I also use a few tricks of the trade to help create fine art portraiture.

It doesn’t take much to add that final touch that showcases your baby’s delicate features, beautiful skin, contagious smiles, belly laughs or innocent expressions. Slight changes to background textures or the right antique prop results in one-of-a-kind infant photography. That sought-after result is the ultimate goal of these sessions. It’s about always being able to look back and smile – to hold onto your most treasured memories.


A Closing Thought
There’s a lot that’s unique to Maryland during the holiday season. From sleigh rides through Frostburg to the Western Maryland Polar Express; even the specially postmarked holiday mail. These things will be a part of your child’s life for many holidays to come, but their time as a newborn is limited.

Why not set aside time this holiday season for a keepsake photo session with me? It will be the gift that keeps on giving, and who knows, maybe it can be the start of a family holiday tradition.