Camden | Maryland Newborn Photographer

my goal is to stop that moment in time while your baby is so new so that you can always look back and remember those first few days of that new little life. Newborn babies change every single day and you don’t realize it until you look back at pictures a week later, or go to get them dressed one day and realize they no longer fit into that little outfit you brought them home from the hospital in. It is totally amazing.

These tiny little people truly inspire me with each and every session I do. Each one is so different in their own special way. Some are super tiny, some are super squishy, some are super sleepy during the whole session, while others are very curious as to what’s going on, some don’t like to wear hats, while others feel comfort having something on their head… I could really go on and on. One thing that is super special to me is connecting with these babies and seeing them back throughout the year. I love when parents book the Baby’s First Year Package. I get so excited when I get to watch these little ones grow… from sleeping, to smiling, to sitting, to standing – it totally warms my heart. Sometimes I try to get them back in the same props that they were in during their newborn session when they come back in to see me for their sitting milestone. It’s always shocking to see how much they grew in such a short period of time.

Please don’t let this precious time pass you by without scheduling a photography session with me to capture these special moments in your life. Please contact me for more information before it’s too late.

This is sweet baby Camden. I loved my time with her. I went to her home a week later to show her mommy some canvas sizes and frames that I offer and she was still cute as ever! She had changed so much in just a week. She lost all of her newborn squishiness that fast! She was still super cuddly and I got my baby fix while cuddling with her when I was there. I’m excited that I get to see Camden back for her sitting milestone session in just a few short months and I can’t wait!

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