Capturing Memories Through the Camera Lens of a Maryland Baby Photographer

Life as a baby photographer in Maryland has taught me some pretty unique lessons. This job isn’t just about soothing little ones, finding props, and waiting for that “perfect” shot; it’s about capturing something words can’t articulate: the singular bond between parent and child; a living, breathing moment of love captured in my lens.


Being able to catch and preserve those moments of love, laughter, and the subtle nuances of your baby’s first year is what moves me as an artist. More than that, these pictures are keepsakes of a precious stage in your child’s life. Right now, everything may feel fresh and vivid, but as time passes, you lose some of the unique details of your baby’s first months.

There’s no time like the present to start your own collection of keepsakes. Whatever your goal is, I’ll help you meet it.

I’m excited about the possibility of working with your family this summer to create photographs that you’ll treasure in your heart for years to come. I’m always focused on excellence, and bringing out the natural beauty that lies within your newborn baby. Contact me today to make an appointment for your baby’s next session. We’ll capture these precious moments before they slip away.


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