Cora | Maryland Newborn Photographer

I was so honored to be chosen as baby Cora’s newborn photographer. Her daddy is into photography himself and knew of quite a few newborn photographers in Maryland, and also knew of my biggest inspiration in newborn photography, Baby as Art, so that said a lot to me. I’m always so flattered when someone invites me to be such a huge part of this memorable time in their life with their new baby, and it’s such a joy to meet so many wonderful families in Maryland. I really enjoyed this newborn session and I just loved everything about it… the baby of course, her sleepiness, her skin tone, her cheeks, the colors we chose for her newborn session, the light, the family, the drive through Maryland, and the friendships that I created… I could go on and on. I really do get the best clients ever, and I feel so blessed.

I am so just thankful that I have the ability to capture such wonderful memories for families – these days can never be recreated. It’s a onetime shot with a new baby, the days of them being so tiny are really limited. You blink – and they grow an inch and gain a pound. It really does happen that fast with a newborn baby. If you’re expecting and are considering a newborn photography session for your baby, contact me and let me help you capture a time in your life that will slip away from you without you even noticing. Do it early my friends, schedule your newborn session during your pregnancy so you are guaranteed a spot. I often see new parents wait until the last minute to schedule, and often their baby has already been born. I try to accommodate as best as I can and sometimes I am able to squeeze a baby session into my schedule at the last minute, but often times I am not. Newborn sessions take place before the baby is two weeks old, so there is only a small window of opportunity. The holidays are coming and schedules get crazy, do yourself a favor and contact me today to receive information so you can check one more thing off of your to do list.

Here are a few images of baby Cora during her newborn photography session, okay maybe more than just a few, I had a hard time deciding on which ones to share with all of you. Don’t you just want to cuddle her all day?! I’m sure these new parents are still sitting and staring at her – all day every day and are completely in love with this little baby they created.

newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-taco-pose-wrap-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-taco-pose-wrap-girl-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-taco-pose-girl-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-taco-pose-black-and-white-girl-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-prop-girl-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-prop-girl-cora-01 newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-mom-baby-pose-girl-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-macro-face-girl-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-macro-eye-lashes-girl-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-knee-elbow-pose-girl-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-ucket-prop-cora-03 newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-organic-hat-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-macro-hands-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-hand-under-chin-pose-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-hand-under-chin-pose-cora-02 newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-face-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-bucket-prop-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-bucket-prop-cora-02 newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-black-and-white-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-black-and-white-cora-02 newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-family-pose-girl-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-dad-baby-pose-girl-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-black-and-white-girl-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-prop-bucket-cora newborn-photography-maryland-glen-elg-girl-prop-black-and-white-cora

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