Creative Ideas For Winter Pictures from a Maryland Baby Photographer

Attention: Moms and Dads. I have some exciting things to share about how to create the perfect post-holiday, post New Year’s baby pictures at home while you’re taking snapshots. Here are some creative ideas you can incorporate into your picture taking while you’re enjoying the winter months with your family.

Even after the holidays are over, the magic of winter still lives on, especially through the eyes of a baby. The world is asleep and the snow is like a heavenly blanket. You’re left with a wonderful opportunity for beautiful photographs of your precious baby.

There are so many wonderful things you can do with a winter backdrop. You’re sure to be delighted with the different snapshots you create at home, but when you’re ready for your professional photo shoot, contact me and I’ll do the legwork for you!

Fun in the…Snow!
While you certainly don’t want shots of your little tiny one sitting in real snow, a blanket that emulates snow can be a lot of fun. There’s nothing like capturing that big smile on your baby’s face when he’s wrapped in all white. Another idea is for the entire family to get bundled up and head out into the cold. Nature can offer some of the most beautiful backdrops. The simplicity and pureness of trees or meadows dusted with snow is truly captivating. Scenic family pictures with your newborn bundled in this type of environment are sure to sparkle in the years to come.

Bare-Bottomed Babies
Sometimes the best shots are of your little cuties in the buff. All babies are simply scrumptious when they’re in their birthday suits, and these at-home photos will be perfect additions to baby books. After bath time, capture priceless giggles and ever-so-chubby cheeks and thighs. The pictures will be irreplaceable. Pictures that I’ve taken of my children when they were just babies are the ones I treasure dearly to this day. They too will someday come to appreciate the love and devotion you put into making these memories last a lifetime.

Sibling Love
Sibling photographs are extra special. It’s important to capture the love and admiration of siblings, as that often turns to rivalry later in life. Gather up the brood and head into your backyard or nearby park – even your kids’ play room will work – and take pictures of their interactions, gestures, smiles, and hugs. It’s really an easy way to get the family together and share moments of laughter, silliness, and of course, togetherness.

Indoor Family Fun
What are the activities your family likes to do inside during the winter? Maybe you enjoy reading books, or perhaps you love just lying on the floor playing with blocks. Whatever the activity, make sure to focus your lens on the fun and playful ways your baby demonstrates his or her personality.

Your little one enjoys so many different activities; I understand that being a parent AND a “memory maker” can be tough, and that’s where I come in. I can capture all of the sweet and innocent moments of your newborn or baby and make those moments last forever. Whether it’s play time, quiet time, or nap time, memorializing these special times is what makes me truly love my job.

Do you have other at-home ideas that make unique pictures? I’d love to hear them and pass them on to other families like yours! Your own pictures are special, but sometimes you need a Maryland baby photographer to really enhance the experience of capturing life’s milestones.