Ella turns one! | Maryland Baby Photographer

The first time I met Ella was during her newborn photography session. She was my second newborn to ever photograph and wow, that year went by so fast! I love watching these babies grow and photographing them throughout the year as they reach different milestones in their new life. It’s amazing how much they grow and how much they learn in such little time.

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When to schedule your baby’s sessions….

Newborn Photography Session
Newborn photography sessions should be booked during pregnancy, ideally around your 5-7 months to insure your get a spot on my calendar. Sessions take place while your baby is five to ten days old to get those sleepy breathtaking newborn poses. If you recently had a baby and are just inquiring about a session, please contact me immediately as I may have an opening for you. Newborn sessions are priority and I do my best to get all newborns scheduled within the short time period.

Baby Photography Session
Baby photography sessions are recommended as your baby reaches milestones rather than age. The smiling milestone is photographed when your baby starts to smile and is able to support their head by pushing up with their arms. The sitting milestone is photographed when your baby just learns how to sit on their own before they start to crawl. The standing milestone usually takes place around your child first birthday when they’re able to stand on their own before learning to walk.

Check out Ella during her newborn, sitting milestone, and standing milestone sessions!

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