Sweet baby Lincoln | Baltimore Baby Photographer

I have such a deep passion for my job. I love molding these little tiny babies into those perfect poses to show how tiny they really are. I love how these memories will be with a family forever, and these images that I create will be seen for many generations as families continue to grow. It makes my heart swell as I continue to meet so many adorable babies and watch them grow throughout their first year.

This little sweet newborn, Lincoln James, is a Thanksgiving baby. He totally stole my heart. He was super squishy, super sleepy, and just a sweet little doll baby. His parents are so gorgeous and it was so sweet to see the instant bond that they created with him. I thought it was adorable see their excitement, to the extent that they each had their own separate diaper bags for him full of things they thought he may need for the day. It worked out perfect as mom forgot a pacifier for the session, but dad saved the day by being prepared for anything and having one, actually two, in his bag. Super sweet!

I can’t wait to see Lincoln back in a few months for his sitting milestone session and get him back in these props to really put his growth into perspective throughout his first year.

newborn-photography-baltimore-taco-wrap-pose-Lincoln-01 newborn-photography-baltimore-taco-pose-black-and-white-Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-smile-knee-elbow-pose-Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-side-pose0Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-prop-bowl-Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-mom-baby-pose-Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-hand-under-chin-pose-black-and-white-Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-hand-under-chin-pose-Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-feet-Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-family-pose-Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-dad-baby-pose-Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-black-and-white-Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-black-and-white-Lincoln-01 newborn-photography-baltimore-bed-prop-knee-elbow-pose-Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-Lincoln newborn-photography-baltimore-Lincoln-03 newborn-photography-baltimore-Lincoln-01 newborn-photography-baltimore-taco-wrap-pose-Lincoln

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