Booking a session with a Maryland Newborn Photographer

There’s nothing better than a sweet baby smile!

July is looking like a very busy newborn month! If you are interested in booking your session, please be sure to contact me while you are still pregnant to secure your due date on my calendar. Sometimes I do have room for last minute inquiries but please don’t ever count on it. During your pregnancy you may often feel that you don’t have time or energy to invest in a newborn photography session, but please don’t put it off. You will be so glad to get it checked off your list. If you are debating on even booking a session to begin with, I can assure you that you will never regret doing it, you will only regret not doing one… trust me, it happened to me. Before I was a photographer I worked in the office and life was busy trying to prepare for the new baby, get worked wrapped up for maternity leave, and all that other stuff that requires so much of your time and makes you feel a little run down. I put off scheduling my newborn session and guess what, it never happened. Once the baby arrives you have just a short window to capture that pure newborn innocence and get them all curled up in a pose to capture that precious new baby. Most people don’t realize that newborn photography sessions take place before your baby is two weeks of age. Day five to ten being the best. After this time, believe it or not, babies change so much. They are more alert and sleep less soundly, baby acne can begin, and colic can also set in. So take my word for it, book your session now, please don’t wait.