Newborn Baby, Cyrus | Harford County Newborn Photographer

I watched this newborn baby come into this world while I photographed his home birth. It was absolutely amazing! I’m still going through all of the images, but I hope to share a few of them in the next few weeks. Newborn babies are a true miracle. I am so inspired by them and love photographing their new little life.

This mommy right here is a dear friend of mine. I was lucky to meet her when I had my own newborn baby two and a half years ago and attended the Upper Chesapeake Breastfeeding Support Group right here in Harford County, Maryland. A few weeks ago I posted about a newborn session from another good friend of mine who I also met there. I feel so fortunate to have met both of these lovely ladies. I always recommend moms with newborns attend this support group, it’s great! Not only will you get lactation help, but you will meet great friends for yourself, and great friends for your little ones to grow with. At least that’s what happened with me!

If you’re interested in reading more about the Upper Chesapeake Breastfeeding Support Group, head over and read my other blog post, but before you do, here are a few images that I captured of baby Cyrus – so cute!

newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-siblings-boy-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-river-outdoor-mom-and-baby-nursing-cyrus newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-prop-wire-basket-boy-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-prop-boy-cyrus-02 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-prop-boy-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-prop-bowl-boy-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-outdoor-smile-boy-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-outdoor-river-mom-and-baby-pose-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-outdoor-prop-boy-cyrus-02 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-outdoor-prop-boy-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-mom-and-baby-pose-boy-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-macro-fingers-boy-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-macro-feet-toes-boy-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-macro-face-boy-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-knee-elbow-pose-boy-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-hand-under-chin-pose-boy-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-boy-taco-pose-wrap-cyrus-01 newborn-photography-maryland-harford-county-black-and-white-boy-cyrus-01