Olivia | Baltimore Newborn Photographer

It’s truly an honor when someone chooses me to photograph their newborn baby. Those first few days of life are so special and a time that you will never forget. It will always bring back memories of the first few days of parenthood when everything was so new and you were on cloud 9 with this little new life you created. The days when you just sat all day and stared at this little baby realizing what a true miracle it is to have this new life in your arms. You don’t really realize how fast they grow until you look back at your newborn photos a month later and can already see a difference in them – it makes you want to grab your camera and walk around all day every day photographing their every move. We all know that you can’t capture every move they make – but I can help you capture those milestones in the first year to always remind you of those days that made you smile. I love how families come back to me throughout the year to capture their baby’s growth. It’s so special and something that can never be recreated.

I had a great time with Olivia and her sweet parents. I always get to work with such wonderful families, I feel so lucky! Congratulations again, she is gorgeous!

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