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I love memories and being able to look back in time with a smile. Once we have children, time seems to go by so quickly and it’s so hard to remember all of the details that happened along the way… such as, what it felt like to be pregnant, what your baby bump looked like, remembering what it felt like to see your baby for the first time through an ultrasound and finding out their gender. Not to mention, what labor felt like, how the birth went and how special that moment felt, just how tiny that little baby you held in your arms for the first time really was, the magic in the first two weeks of your baby’s life, which somehow flies by, and really just wanting to take it all in and live in the moment forever. Kellie, at Precious Previews Ultrasound, and myself love being able to capture those moments in people’s lives. That special moment in life that we know you want to remember all of the details and never forget.

Two and a half years ago, I experienced an ultrasound with Precious Previews during my last pregnancy. The moments are countless when I have sat down and looked back at those 3D images and watched my 4D ultrasound of when my precious baby was in my belly. It really takes me right back to the day as if it were just yesterday and it brings back all of the emotions that came with it. I remember seeing all of Landon’s little features for the first time in Kellie’s chair and my family sharing their thoughts on who they thought he looked liked and just watching his little movements and being amazed at this little life inside me. When I gave birth to Landon I remember comparing him to his 3D images that Kellie captured for me, and sure enough, he had big feet just like his ultrasound showed us, my chin, my husband’s dimple above his lip, and those long thick eyelashes that Kellie kept telling us about.

I had only wished that from there that I had made an appointment with my photographer to capture moments of my baby within the first two weeks of his life. To this day, I am SO bummed out and SO disappointed that I didn’t do it! I had every intention of getting Gabe to capture my baby so fresh and new, we even talked about it during my maternity photography session, but I let the time slip by me and I never made my appointment. I was really struggling with breastfeeding and I was exhausted, but I can’t believe I let that time slip away from me. Sure we have images that we took with our “nice camera” -so we thought, but at the time I hadn’t started my photography career and the images we have are not the same, not at all. If there was one thing I could share with all of you, it’s to hire a professional, whoever you may choose. Lots of people have “nice cameras” these days, but having a professional, with a “professional camera”, with the proper technology, and someone who actually specializes in making those moments come to life through a picture can truly make those times even more special and more memorable for you.

Kellie, at Precious Previews Ultrasound, and myself have the proper professional equipment, technology and training to capture these memories for you. We loved sharing our talents with you during our spring giveaway, so much that we have decided to host a giveaway quarterly. How exciting is this?! I can tell you that we are super excited to share our talent with our fans and capture times in your life that WILL make you smile forever!

Together, we create memories from the start!

Enter to win our Summer Giveaway. Winner will receive….

Precious Previews
• 10-15 minute 3D/4D ultrasound
• Three 4×6 color photos
• Gender determination, if preferred
• Listen to the sounds of your baby’s heartbeat
• Upgrades are available

April Stites Photography
• Newborn Photography Session (newborns 3-14 days new)
• One 8×10 print
• Two 5×7 prints
• Upgrades are available

How to enter…
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