Sweetest Little Details – Maryland Newborn Photographer

I love capturing the sweetest little details during my newborn photography sessions – so tiny, so fresh and so new. It’s amazing how fast these little fingers and toes will grow. Remember the very first time you picked up a pair of newborn socks during your pregnancy and just thought, “are they really going to be this small?” Then remember the first time you laid eyes on those little feet after the birth of your baby and thought, “Look how tiny her feet are.” Once a few weeks pass you’ll look back at those little socks and say, “oh my goodness, I don’t remember her feet being this small.” It’s so true! These little ones grow right in front of our eyes without us noticing until we look back at memories that hang on our walls. Enjoy the littlest details while you can and let me capture them for you so you never forget. They grow so fast.

It’s special how each and every newborn I photograph has their very own unique details to capture. Ask me about a newborn photography session for your baby and let me capture the memories for you.



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