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“My neck hurts”, says Landon.

Landon went to bed healthy, at least that I could see. About midnight last night, as he laid on his back sleeping, I heard him struggling to swallow. It was almost like he needed to cough or clear his throat but didn’t know to do so because he was sleeping. After about twenty minutes of disturbed sleep he woke up crying, gasping to get air between each cry. Scared me to death! As I try to calm him down I’m starting to freak out as I hear him struggling to breathe. I’m thinking how in the world are we going to get him in his car seat so we can take him to the emergency room while he’s acting like this. After a few minutes he finally settled down and was able to catch his breath. His breathing still seemed very raspy but he was able to breathe without struggling like he was doing. Matt turned on the cool mist humidifier and we were able to get him back in bed. All night I could hear his raspy breathing. He woke up with that croupy barking cough. I called the pediatricians office first thing this morning to have him seen. I love Bright Oaks Pediatric Center. Their hours are great and they’re really good about getting you seen rather quickly.

As we were in the waiting room we hear the nurse call his name to be seen. He walks up to her when he hears his name and says in his little raspy voice, “my neck hurts” as he touches his throat to show her. Made me laugh. He was such a good sport during his examination. If you didn’t hear him talk you’d never know he was sick. He had a smile on his face the whole time and even giggled at times. He got tested for strep and thankfully that was negative, but just as I thought, he has croup. Poor baby.

I had to laugh as the doctor left the room and it was time for us to leave he said in disappointment, “but my neck still hurts?!” Haha, he expected to feel better right then and there… too sweet. I did tell him that the doctor would fix him, soooo. :) He took his prescription when he got home and is on his way to feeling better.

Here he is getting his “neck” checked out.


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