Week 27 – Project 365

Project 365, July 2 through July 8

July 2 – day 183: HALF WAY! I’m half way into my project 365. I think I can, I think I can…

July 3 – day 184: My lunch date. I don’t know, but I think he’s looking about that age where he needs to start taking ME out to lunch instead. Treat your mama. Don’t you agree? Chin = trying to swim in the pool like a sand shark incident.

July 4 – day 185: Bel Air, Maryland 4th of July Parade

July 5 – day 186: Popcorn and a movie

July 6 – day 187: racing

July 7 – day 188: I had a split second to get this, so I bribed him with an ice cream cone to point at the rainbow. I guess he wasn’t feeling the project today, but I’ll take what I can get.

July 8 – day 189: They made me take them to Sweet Frog because Landon wasn’t with us, lol.

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