Week 29 – Project 365

Project 365, July 16 through July 22

July 16 – day 197: these girls are such good sports with my wild little man

July 17 – day 198: enjoying our summer at the Bel Air Athletic Club

July 18 – day 199: Nachos at the pool, it’s what’s for dinner. 4th day in a row of Landon in his swim trunks, we are enjoying our summer over here.

July 19 – day 200: making memories with cousins on Gram and Poppy’s farm

July 20 – day 201: having a great time at Sloane’s birthday party!

July 21 – day 202: that’s about the only healthy thing he’ll eat

July 22 – day 203: I can’t believe this is my little boy. He doesn’t look so little anymore.

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