Week 30 – Project 365

Project 365, July 23 through July 29

July 23 – day 204: Not too much longer until his feet touch the floor… once they do a shot like this won’t be that cute anymore. lol. Gotta get it while I can.

July 24 – day 205: There is not the slightest chance that the ice cream will have time to melt.

July 25 – day 206: Popcorn and a show

July 26 – day 207: Just having some fun

July 27 – day 208: Fun times at the Harford County Farm Fair. I think the rides they had this year have probably been around since my grandparents were kids. Whoo Wee…. those things were aged!

July 28 – day 209: It’s a bit of an emotional time over here as my sister prepares to send her courageous son, Adrian, to U.S. Navy Boot Camp. Adrian leaves in just a few short days so tonight I spent some time with them just capturing memories before he leaves. Over the past few months I have watched my sister be so strong, so brave, shed lots and lots of tears, yet be so proud. Tonight, this happened… tears of joy, tears of being such a proud mom, and tears of my heart hurts – I’m going to miss you.

July 29 – day 210: She breaks hearts

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