Week 32 – Project 365

Project 365, August 6 through August 12

August 6 – day 218: Final swear in for the U.S. Navy. The whole family was there today to support our boy and send him off! xoxo! He left with a smile on his face and ready to do this!

August 7 – day 219: Soccer practice in the pouring rain.

August 8 – day 220: Little fingers and iPads. I wish I had one of these as a child. Makes me wonder what cool item his children will have.

August 9 – day 221: I have lost complete control people!! Age three is in full force over here, and it’s a disaster! HELP ME!!! Why do they call it terrible twos? The trying three’s are worse!!

August 10 – day 222: She has no idea how lucky she is to have that hair.

August 11 – day 223: Swinging from bar to bar.

August 12 – day 224: Uh oh, we have a team member down. The stomach virus has touched ground.

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