Week 34 – Project 365

Project 365, August 20 through August 26

August 20 – day 232: Every time we go shoe shopping I sit and cross my fingers that he doesn’t point to the ones that light up, I even hide them sometimes. I can’t help it.

August 21 – day 233: This fake goatee needs to come off some how.

August 22 – day 234: I just want to eat him up! Curls and all!

August 23 – day 235: Mornings

August 24 – day 236: There are some days in Project 365 where I have to go chase him… “let me take your picture”, and he runs and hides.

August 25 – day 237: I love it when she gives me a few minutes out of her busy schedule for pictures.

August 26 – day 238: First day of 7th grade.

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