Week 35 – Project 365

Project 365, August 27 through September 2

August 27 – day 239: Writing secret letters.

August 28 – day 240: He tells me he’s not a baby anymore, but I don’t know, he still kinda looks like one to me.

August 29 – day 241: “I bet you can’t find me”

August 30 – day 242: so.much.energy… morning, noon, and night

August 31 – day 243: Someone is going to hit a big milestone this week… my little man is going to preschool! This evening my dad and I took Landon out for his preschool session. I have so many favorites to share.

September 1 – day 244: Bed and a book.

September 2 – day 245: Are you scared?? Cause I am.

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